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TIENS מוצרי

Cilvaris TIENS rejuvenating Hi-Tech cosmetic device מכשיר קוסמטי

TIENS Cilvaris is an beauty instrument, based on the ultrasonic frequency, has an effect on the reduction of wrinkles, improves skin relaxation and alleviates the ageing process, improves the structure of the skin and strengthens the deeper layers of the skin.
  • Lifting
  • Tightening
  • Rejuvenation
  • V-shaped face
In 2002, with the approval of FDA, radio frequency technology began to be used in skin. It has the effect of wrinkles reduction, improves skin relaxation and aging, improves skin textures, and tightens the deep layers of the skin.
The application of radio frequency in facial rejuvenation, such as wrinkle removal, is also called  “Radio Wave Lapping” or  “Hot Maggie”. Radio frequency (RF), also known as radio frequency micro-current, is a short form of electromagnetic wave with high frequency alternating current change.
Micro-current, also known as electronic muscle stimulation, can gently penetrate the skin tissue, reach the muscle base and effectively stimulate the muscle and nerve ending tissue, involuntarily contraction exercise to increase muscle activity and tension, and stimulate muscle activity inside.
מחיר: ILS 950.00
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