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TIENS מוצרי

מד לחץ דם TIENS Blood Pressure Depressor & Monitor

Blood Pressure Depressor & Monitor  is the pressure exerted on the arterial walls when blood flows through the arteries. The pressure exerted when the heart contracts and sends out blood is called systolic (highest) pressure. The pressure exerted when the heart dilates and blood flows into the heart is called diastolic (lowest) pressure. Blood pressure is a physiological index subject to wide fluctuations, which might be influenced by talk, movement, posture, mood, etc., and possesses the property of periodical change throughout the day. And therefore, using different body parts for measurement (such as wrist or upper arm), different blood vessel wall thickness as well as different measurement time will probably generate different measuring results.
Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) is one of the three major diseases that are of great danger to mankind. It is known as the INVISIBLE KILLER. The higher the blood pressure, the higher the incidence of the heart disease or incidental cardiovascular (apoplexy) disease. Therefore, early diagnosis as well as prompt treatment of hypertension is of great significance.
Blood Pressure Depressor & Monitor SF852 is a specialized microcomputer that incorporates the latest micro-controller from Japan. 
Tonometer TIENS with function of decrease in a blood pressure the newest Japanese controller that allows it to combine in itself achievements of modern electronic technics and knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine – acupuncture and cauterisations (chzhen-tszju) is used.
In one device two functions are united: measurement of pressure and elevated pressure fall.
Measurement Mechanism
It uses the Oscillo metric method of measurement and automatically pressurizes and measures blood pressure and is capable of displaying minor changes of the blood pressure measured. 
Treatment Mechanism (High Bp Depressor)
SF852 can balance bio electricity in the body resulting in stabilization of blood pressure. Research indicates that there is wide bio electricity connection between the ears and other parts of the human body. When people are sick, bio electricity parameters such as resistance, potential and capacitance can vary on areas of the ears. The groove shaped acupuncture points, located at the back of the ears (the hypertension groove) has been shown to be the acupuncture points connected with high blood pressure. Periodical stimulation of acupuncture points with low frequency electronic pulse helps to dredge channels, guide blood flow, expand blood vessels, improve micro circulation and decrease rennin secretion, and thereby results in the balance and stabilization of blood pressure.
The influence mechanism: influence occurs to the help of the electronic low-frequency impulses periodically stimulating  points (Ayr Bej Gou, Nej Guan).
Stimulation of these points promotes blood circulation and microcirculation improvement, a condition of walls of blood vessels, to reduction of secretion of kidneys. Thus, it is possible to adjust a blood pressure, to improve work of heart, a brain, eyes.
Special Features of SF852 Blood Pressure Depressor & Monitor
  • All in one compact unit.
  • Memory function for storing 7 sets of pressure values and 1 set of average pressure values.
  • Query function to view saved pressure data available, helping you constantly monitor your blood pressure.
  • Clear function to erase saved data available.
  • Has function of automatic deenergizing; the tonometer will be switched off in 2 minutes after the measurement termination
  • There is a big liquid crystal digital screen easy to read (LCD Display), and convenient management by means of buttons;
  • User friendly operation. 
  • Depressurization treatment time setting feature provided. 
  • Automatic shut off system.


מחיר: ILS 350.00
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